What is ERGO FIT?

The ERGO FIT® was born from a quest to solve a common problem: ill-fitting rings for men. By understanding men's unique challenges when searching for a comfortable ring, we were inspired to create a solution that combines style, comfort, and performance. With ERGO FIT®, you can finally experience the perfect blend of form and function, no matter your lifestyle or daily activities.

Created for you

From the mind of an architectural designer comes a unique technology that aligns beauty and function. Designed for the human body, ERGO FIT® brings innovation to men’s jewelry, making Nanaco Men rings one of a kind.

What is ERGO FIT®

The interior profile of the ring is engineered to respond to the ergonomics of your finger for a fit that is comfortable yet secure on your finger. The design takes on an asymmetrical curve that possesses a function that is directional.

Designed to stay on

The ERGO FIT® interior allows Nanaco Men’s rings to easily fit over the knuckle while remaining firmly on your finger. Forget rings that are too loose or too tight. ERGO FIT’s® patent pending design eliminates guesswork and fits your lifestyle.

ERGO FIT® Design Parameters

There's more to consider when sizing for a ring. We've designed our rings with these parameters in mind. 

  • Knuckle Size

    Men's knuckles are often larger than women's, resulting in a size difference between the finger and knuckle of up to three sizes.

  • Band's Width

    Men typically wear wider ring bands resulting in a ring size that may be larger than your true size.

  • Interior Shape

    The available ring shapes of rings do not equal in size. A comfort fit ring may feel, on average, one whole size larger than a standard fit ring.

  • Body Temperature

    Changes in body temperature can cause fingers to shrink and expand, making it difficult to find a ring that is a comfortable fit all day long.